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Artykuły techniczne

Artykuły techniczne

Industry Standards

Many Electrolube products are approved to international standards, including European and American military specifications. Such standards define the properties of a product in specified applications and environments.

Many other standards and test methods are used throughout the development, qualification and use of Electrolube products. These include various IEC, ASTM, BSI and IPC test methods to identify the properties and performance of Electrolube products throughout all areas of the electronics industry.

There is a vast range of European, international and industry specific standards and methods of test. Should you wish to find out more information on the use of Electrolube products in relation to a particular standard, please contact the Electrolube Technical Department. UL94 - Standard for Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances

  • This standard incorporates both horizontal and vertical burning tests, identified by the prefixes HB or V-0, V-1, V-2. The highest level of flame retardancy that can be achieved is UL94 V-0.

UL746C - Standard for Polymeric Materials - Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations MIL-I-46058C - Military Specification; Insulating Compound, Electrical (for coating printed circuit assemblies)

IPC-CC-830 - Qualification and Performance of Electrical Insulating Compound for Printed Wiring Assemblies

DEF STAN 59/47 Issue 4 – Military of Defence Standard; Conformal coatings for panels, printed circuit and panels, electronic circuit

IEC 61086 - Coatings for loaded printed wire boards (conformal coatings)

  • These standards incorporate a number of electrical and environmental tests for the performance related evaluation of a conformal coating.
  • The standards cover a range of similar test methods and can be used to qualify conformal coatings in various industrial applications.
  • MIL 46058-c is now obsolete and has been replaced with IPC-CC-830. DEF STAN 59/47 Issue 4 is also obsolete and has not been replaced with another standard.
  • Where obsolete specifications are quoted, the test methods used still stand and in some cases continual qualification testing is carried out to maintain approval.

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